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Weekly Moral Stories


There was a farmer who had a horse and a goat…..

One day, the horse became ill. So he called the veterinarian, who said: “Well, your horse has a virus. He must take this medicine for three days. I’ll come back on the 3rd day and if he’s not better, we’re going to have to put him down.

Nearby, the goat listened closely to their conversation.

The next day, they gave the horse the medicine and left.

The goat approached the horse and said: “Be strong, my friend. Get up or else they’re going to put you to sleep!”

On the second day, they again gave the horse the medicine and left.

The goat came back and said: “Come on buddy, get up or else you’re going to die! Come on, I’ll help you get up. Let’s go! One, two, three…”

On the third day, they came to give the horse the medicine and the vet said: “Unfortunately, we’re going to have to put him down tomorrow. Otherwise, the virus might spread and infect the other horses”.

After they left, the goat approached the horse and said: “Listen pal, it’s now or never! Get up, come on! Have courage! Come on! Get up! Get up! That’s it, slowly! Great! Come on, one, two, three… Good, good. Now faster, come on…… Fantastic! Run, run more! Yes! Yay! Yes! You did it, you’re a champion…!!!”

All of a sudden, the owner came back, saw the horse running in the field and began shouting: It’s a miracle! My horse is cured. We must have a grand party. Let’s kill the goat!!!!

The Lesson: Nobody truly knows which employee actually deserves the merit of success, or who’s actually contributing the necessary support to make things happen.

The Grasshopper and The Ant

One day as he was sun-bathing, he saw an ant pushing a bread crumb across the ground. The grasshopper asked, "Hey brother! What are you doing?" The ant replied, "I am gathering food for the winter while the weather is still warm. Once winter sets in, I am going to stay home and just eat from my stock of food."

The grasshopper made fun of the ant's dull life and went on sun bathing saying, "There's enough time for such boring work. You should take time to have fun like me." Soon the summer passed and the winter started to set in.

As the weather became colder, it became harder for the grasshopper to get out. However, he soon started to feel hungry. He decided to brave the weather and find himself some food.

When he stepped out, everything was covered with snow and he could not find anything to eat. He continued to search for food everyday. He did not find anything. Finally, he grew weak and died of hunger.


Proactive Leadership - The Lesson: Which of the two was Proactive?

The ant of course. What are the characteristics of Proactivity present in the ant?

a) He knew himself, potentials and strengths: that he was tiny; that with the help of his teammates, there was nothing he could not achieve - it did not matter how big the morsel of food was.

b) He knew the event that was coming on him: the winter and its severity.

c) He knew the resources at his disposal: his teammates and time available to him in the summer.

Proactive Leadership - Another Lesson:

What are the characteristics of non-Proactivity present in the grasshopper?

a) He did not know himself, potentials or strengths. He thought he was bigger than the ant and so nothing could happen to him. He was big enough to carry his food singlehandedly.

b) He did not know the severity of the event that was going to visit him - the winter.

c) He did not know the 'limitedness' of the resources at his disposal.